m&a consulting services
Have you ever been shopping for a laptop and the salesperson at the store gives you a rundown on all the bells and whistles that this magical laptop can perform if you just buy it and take it home? You get it out of the box only to discover that the whistles are very annoying, don’t make your life any easier and also clash with the bells.
Now you consider the possibilities: you were either mislead for the sake of a commission, the salesperson really didn’t care whether the laptop was right for you or they sincerely believed that this was the right purchase for you but didn’t have the experience to know better or understand the right questions to ask. Now imagine a different experience at your favourite computer store. The salesperson first understands how you’ll be using your new device, then demonstrates the features and benefits that are actually meaningful to you in order to maximize your experience.

Oh, and before you leave, he mentions to you that you could try an ergonomic mouse instead of a traditional mouse/trackpad because he noticed you stretching your wrist, performing the exercises your physio recommended to you.

At Zen Exits, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience to help you with the sale or purchase of a business because we’ve been there. We have asked the questions, tracked down the answers, considered options and angles, grown companies and negotiated transactions. As business owners ourselves, we wear the same hat as you do.

With an experience from a wide range of industries, we combine resources and are
able to think outside the box to help you achieve your goal. We will search for synergistic partners and buyers to help with the acquisition or management, not wait for them to come to us. We are proactive, not reactive.